The Clear Quran® Series –With Arabic Text, Majeedi (Indo-Pak) Script

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The Clear Quran® Series –With Arabic Text, Majeedi (Indo-Pak) Script - Premium  from Furqaan Bookstore - Just $25.95! Shop now at IQRA' international Educational Foundation
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The Clear Quran With Arabic Text, Majeedi (Indo-Pak) Script 15 Lines - Hifz Edition, Hardcover, translated by Dr. Mustafa Khattab, is a distinguished and meticulously crafted edition designed to facilitate the memorization (Hifz) of the Holy Quran. This edition stands out for its unique features that cater to the needs of individuals committed to mastering the divine verses. 

The Hardcover binding ensures durability, making it ideal for regular use and preserving the Quran for an extended period. The Majeedi (Indo-Pak) Script in 15 Lines provides a clear and easily readable text format, following the traditional script commonly used in the Indian subcontinent for Quranic writing. This script style is known for its clarity and ease of recognition, aiding readers and memorizers alike.

The inclusion of Arabic text alongside the translation allows readers to connect with the original verses, fostering a deeper understanding of the Quranic message. Dr. Mustafa Khattab, the translator, brings his expertise and linguistic proficiency to deliver a clear and contemporary translation that resonates with modern readers while staying true to the essence of the Quranic text.

Whether for personal study, memorization, or as a thoughtful gift, The Clear Quran® Series - Hifz Edition is a valuable resource that combines tradition with modernity, making the sacred text accessible to a wider audience. The careful design and scholarly translation make this edition a reliable companion for those seeking to engage with the Quran on a profound level.

  • ISBN: 9781949505023
  • Author/Translator: Dr.Mustafa Khattab
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Language: Arabic & English
  • Script: Persian Majeedi Indo-Pak 15 Lines
  • Pages: 672
  • Size: 8" X 9.75"
  • Publisher: Furqaan Institute of Quranic Education