Tajweed Untangled

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Tajweed Untangled - Premium Text Book from Learning Roots - Just $10.99! Shop now at IQRA' international Educational Foundation
Regular price $10.99
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  • The book covers all the main rules of tajweed starting from the basics, so you can get started no matter what your level is.

  • The exercises are designed in a way to get you to spot the rules for yourself, so that you can remember them better.

  • The rules are then stated clearly in plain English so you can recall them with ease.

  • There’s plenty of practice exercises so you can implement the rules straight away.

  • The layout of the book is spacy and clear so you can make sense of what is sometimes regarded as a hard subject.


  • ISBN:9781905516315
  • Format:paper back
  • Language:English
  • Size: 210mm x 285mm
  • Publisher: Learning Roots