Super Sahaba Stories -HC

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Super Sahaba Stories -HC - Premium Children Books from Learning Roots - Just $24.99! Shop now at IQRA Book Center | A Division of IQRA' international Educational Foundation
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This exciting book is filled with stories of the Sahaba - the companions of the Prophet Muhammad - who showed amazing faith, courage, and kindness. From Bilal, the brave caller of prayer, to Khadija, the wise businesswoman and supporter of the Prophet, each story will inspire and entertain young readers.

With colorful illustrations and easy-to-read text, this book is perfect for children ages 7-9 who want to learn more about the amazing people who helped build the Islamic faith. Join the Sahaba on their incredible journey and discover how their stories can help guide us in our own lives today.

  • ISBN: 9781915381033
  • Format: 194 pages Hardback
  • Language:English
  • Size:
  • Publisher: Learning Roots