Part30 Juz 'Amma for School Ch*

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Part30 Juz 'Amma for School Ch* - Premium  from NoorArt Inc. - Just $11! Shop now at IQRA Book Center
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Part30 Juz 'Amma for School Ch*This is a complete textbook for learning and understanding the Holy Qur'an's last part (juz). Every surah is presented with an engaging introduction, a clear, explanatory translation for maximum comprehension, review questions and activities to test the knowledge of the students about the themes of each surah, the full Arabic text and finally, a phonics-based transliteration is given which is the easiest method for pronouncing the sounds of the Arabic text. Appealing and thought-provoking supplementary stories and essays help put knowledge into practice. Illustrated with beautiful graphics and Islamic motifs, this book is truly a ground-breaking achievement in the area of Qur'anic education and comprehension.
Children and educators alike will appreciate this textbook that aids in u
  • ISBN: 9781933269030
  • Author: Yahiya Emerick
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ages: Elementary School
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 161
  • Size: 6 X 9 Inches
  • Publisher: Noorart Inc.
nderstanding the Holy Qur'an in English. For Qur'anic and Islamic studies! Grades 5-1