Azan Clock AC-2023

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Azan Clock AC-2023 - Premium Azan Clocks from Madinah Books and Gifts - Just $94.95! Shop now at IQRA Book Center | A Division of IQRA' international Educational Foundation
Regular price $94.95
Regular price Sale price $94.95

Introducing the Round Azan Clock, a sophisticated timepiece that seamlessly blends traditional analog design with modern digital functionality. This innovative clock features a sleek round design with a classic analog face, evoking timeless elegance.

What sets the Round Azan Clock apart is its advanced digital capabilities, offering the convenience of setting Azan timings for over 2000 cities worldwide. Whether at home or traveling, you can easily synchronize prayer timings according to your location with just a few simple adjustments.

With its intuitive interface and precise timekeeping, the Round Azan Clock ensures you never miss an essential prayer again. Whether displayed prominently in your home or office, this versatile clock is a stylish accent piece catering to your religious observances.

Experience the perfect harmony of tradition and technology with the Round Azan Clock – the ultimate companion for devout individuals seeking convenience without compromising style. 

  • Model: AC-2023
  • Format: Plastic
  • Manual: English
  • Batteries: 5 Required (Not Included)
  • USB: DC 5 V ( Power Supply not Included)
  • Size: 13" Round
  • Manufacturer in  China