Allah Made us Perfect Boys & Girls

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Allah Made us Perfect Boys & Girls - Premium Children Books from Sabeel Ahmed - Just $19.95! Shop now at IQRA Book Center | A Division of IQRA' international Educational Foundation
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A storybook where young Sarah, acting as a guide, shares Islamic teachings with her non-Muslim friends, unfolds. Embark on an insightful journey into their lives, guided by the compass of Islamic teachings. This narrative serves as a platform to highlight the divine wisdom in Allah's creation of boys and girls, each endowed with unique strengths, roles, and qualities. It provides an opportunity to discuss the importance of respecting one's body, adhering to modesty in dress, and understanding the impact of social influences on their perceptions of gender. A powerful story that underscores the importance of standing firm in one's beliefs, even when faced with conflicting ideas or confusing messages.

  • ISBN: 9781732842526
  • Written By: Dr. Sabeel Ahmed
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Language: English
  • Pages:  50
  • Size: 8.8" X 8.8"
  • Year Published: 2023
  • Publisher: Dr. Sabeel Ahmed